Monday, April 23, 2012

Philippines Article Critique

The article can be found here: Tension With China High As Philippines Deploys 2 More Warships to Scarborough Shoal, Urges Other Countries to Support It.

Article from: Philippine News
The article was about the dispute between the Philippines and China over Scarborough Shoal, a disputed island.  The Chinese name is Huangyan Island and the Philippine name is Panatag Shoal.  The article is basically a transcribed argument.  The first quote is from the Philippines saying why it is so important for the Philippines to have it and how terrible things will happen if China gets it.  The second quote is from China saying the exact opposite.  It goes on and on like this, ending in a completely unrelated last sentence that says a Chinese website was attacked by Filipino hackers in retaliation for attacks by Chinese hackers on a Filipino website.

This article is clearly flawed, all the way from the title, to the photo, to the last sentence.  I would not say that it's a totally sensationalized article, but it is definitely biased and has a definite "us versus them" tone.  It was written in a childish manner and the quotes were just back and forth banter between the two countries.  And over what? An island. It is clear to me that the issue is not actually the island, but a deeply ingrained bias that stems from historical wrongs.  

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